Cynthia Aesthetics is a skincare medical spa specializing in skin of color created and owned by Cynthia, a licensed esthetician located in Brooklyn NYC. The desire for her website was to have an informative, smooth website that really showcased the essence of her business.

The challenge was solved by focusing on really understanding the needs of Cynthia Aesthetics clientele both new and returning and mapping out their needs and usage for the website in logical steps. Doing extensive research into Cynthia Aesthetics as a brand as well as the skincare industry itself gave strong foundation and insight into how to build a navigation flow that would work. As well as creating a strong and clear hierarchy through typography to divide the information to make it understandable yet still be clean and concise and match the brand aesthetics.  
One of Cynthia's main desires was to stand out from other spa and skincare clinics in the area. Cynthia Aesthetics unique look was achieved by focusing on elegant rich colors that helped to highlight Cynthia's focus on skin of color through rich browns and purple. While still having things clean, bright and airy to balance things out with the use of white and grey.  All of these colors echoing the look and feel of Cynthia's physical shop. 
Style Guide Created for Website
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